About Us

We understand that corporate life can be tough

We are four Christian businessmen working in Aberdeen’s corporate sector. Through our experiences of corporate life in Aberdeen, and the need to balance our own professional and personal lives, we have come to believe there is a real need for a charity committed to supporting individuals just like us. We come from different church backgrounds and different industries – but we all have the same passion. To help make a positive difference to our corporate culture in Aberdeen. We believe God has a heart for the broken and weary in Aberdeen's corporate sector.

We think there is a more balanced way to live and work: would you like to join us?

We want to provide a safe place where people can be encouraged, equipped and empowered to endure the stresses of professional business life. Our events are run by business people, for business people. We offer a welcoming, safe place in the space between the office, family and church. Find practical advice to inspire, stimulating debate to refresh and a trained ear to listen.

Our Mission

We are inspired by our Christian faith to love and serve Aberdeen’s business community. Our mission is to provide a safe place where people can be encouraged, equipped and empowered to endure the stresses of professional business life. If you work in Aberdeen’s corporate sector, you already belong to The Business Connection. Please join us at our next event as we ‘seek the peace and prosperity of our city.’


We are entirely funded by individuals who are passionate about the valuable and important work we do in supporting those within the corporate sector in Aberdeen City & Shire. We are seeking to employ a member of staff on a full-time basis, run a number of fortnightly and monthly breakfast events and produce quality marketing materials.

In order to ensure the continuation of this work, we urgently need to increase the level of support we receive.

Please seriously consider if you are able to join them in supporting us: To request a Standing Order form including Gift Aid or our bank details so that you can donate online, please use the contact form below

To donate by cheque please make it payable to "The Business Connection" and send it to Gregor Howitt (Trustee) at The Business Connection, c/o Gregor Howitt Wealth Management, 3 Queens Gate, Aberdeen AB15 5YL

Thank you for whatever you may be able to give to support our service.

To donate online please use the link below:



Check out our latest thoughts on balancing the pressures of work, family and church life...
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Discover The Business Connection

Business has changed. We all know that business is built on relationships and relationships at work come with expectations. Our relationships with our customers, our colleagues and our contacts all bring expectations of what we will do, by when and how we will do it. A firm handshake and an exchange of business cards has […]

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Fully charged: The motivated life!

Our monthly November breakfast saw us welcome back Dr Tharaka Gunarathne. Since his debut talk at TEDx 2016, Tharaka has been invited to speak at various events across Aberdeen in helping people shift the way they think to gain more freedom in life and increased results. A graduate from University of Aberdeen Medical School he […]

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A view from both sides at the top!

Friday 7th October 2016,  saw The Business Connection welcome Ian Marchant, Chairman of Wood Group, an Aberdeen Headquartered global business with in excess of 32,000 staff, to share at our monthly breakfast,  his view from both sides at the top!  Ian, a committed Christian, gave us three tips on leadership synonymous with the 3 point sermon […]

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Please join us at one of our events. Choose from the details below.


Please see below from some recent testimonials

As someone who travels occasionally from outside Aberdeen but with visibility across Scotland, it’s been a delight to see how TBC has grown over the last 18 months. Recently it was particularly encouraging to meet a number of people at the Ian Marchant event who evidently had no Christian connection at all but who were comfortable coming and enjoyed the event. When this is happening it’s clear that your aim of serving the business community, whatever their background is being delivered.

I have made and followed up on several good connections formed at The Business Connection monthly events.

I often receive great nuggets of information from either the people attending or the monthly speaker. I have also made some good connections and friends.

I think it is an excellent initiative – and I commend everyone involved. Aberdeen is a pretty tough business environment at the moment and this support can only be beneficial.

It’s a positive, encouraging and supportive space.  You guys are doing a great job!

This is a unique group and I am really glad I have started attending. It is great to meet other Christians in a non-Church setting.  Speakers have been great.

Great connections with other working professionals in Aberdeen City/area; very good topics for monthly Friday sessions.

I found about Business Connection through Eventbrite. I had the chance to meet Pete and Valentine amazing people and with whom I’m going to move further on for my business. For me, it is an excellent opportunity to know organizational culture and how business are made in Aberdeen.

Very welcoming and friendly. The monthly breakfasts in particular are very informative and relevant.

It’s good to meet and share experiences in a friendly environment.

I have been attending regularly now nearly 3 months. I was impressed that the business meetings set by Christians but anyone can attend. There is always some inspiration and encouragement for each other with opportunities for connecting and networking.  Monthly meetings with guests are also very good.