Be intentionally ‘Beyond You’

beyondyou leadership imageMany times, practicing “Beyond You” leadership isn’t instinctive or natural for us.  How we intentionally choose to lead others in a way that empowers them and helps us become better leaders is a challenge.

The following strategies recommended by Andy Stanley help you to see beyond yourself;

1. Make as few decisions as possible: Empower your team to make decisions, trust that they will make the best decisions for your business and guide them to become the leaders you know they are capable of being. Try saying this – “You decide!”
2. Work for your team: Too often I’m asked what others can do for me. As a Beyond You Leader, you must ask what you can do to help your team. It’s not about me, it’s about us.
3. Empty Your Cup: You’re smarter than you think and you need to leverage what you know and pour everything you have into your team. Fill their cup with your knowledge!

If we’re not careful, if we are not intentional, if we don’t carve out time,  if you don’t decide somewhere along the line it’s got to be “beyond you” and not just about you life is such that at the end of our careers we’ll look back and it will have been all about us instead of all about what we could have done for other people and with other people.

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