25 Days or more?

Have a very Merry Christmas from The Business Connection team!!

25 days to open our advent calendar with a surprise behind each door!

This year, perhaps more than any other, has got me thinking on how our attitudes are influenced at this time of year.   Traditionally Christmas is the time when we tend to become more aware of family, perhaps more caring of others, to coin a phase we get the the chance to ‘share the love’!    This may be something as simple of thinking of others before ourselves…dropping a coin in the street beggar’s cup or doing something for someone that we may not necessarily do at any other time.    But what if this was not just for a ‘season’ but an opportunity to change our mindset?

Our experience in our City in 2015 has made us more aware of the hardships some will find themselves in this Christmas.   If you work in Aberdeen there is
little chance that you do not know of someone who has been affected by job loss, the threat thereof or at the very least a pay cut.   As we prepare to step into 2016,  and the forecast that things will get worse, will the awareness of someone’s need be a ‘seasonal’ thought or are you up for doing something in the longer term?

We face an increasingly changing environment in our City, an environment that is more challenging in terms of security and relationships than ever before.   This undoubtedly erodes our self-confidence as we find ourselves in situations outwith our control, however you need to know that you are not alone.   The Business Connection has been created to be the focal point to provide an opportunity to come together and to support each other.  A place where you will be encouraged, empowered and equipped to face whatever lies ahead.

The Business Connection will be formally launched at a major event on Friday 29th January 2016. Look out for further information in the new year.
Our first breakfast of 2016 will be Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 7am,  Holiday Inn Express, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

Have a peaceful and restful Christmas.

Jim, Martyn, Gregor & George
The Business Connection

One thought on “25 Days or more?

  1. Excellent perspective Jim.
    I was in Lidl at the end of a large queue at lunchtime and a young mother of two under fives was juggling 6 bags of shopping at the till.
    She said to the lady, “let me know when you get to £140, I don’t want to go over!”
    The groans from the four customers in front of me were audible and she looked harassed and embarrassed.
    The lady on the till said to the young woman at the last of her items had been through the scanner, “that’s £143.00…”
    “Oh, I don’t have that, said the young mother.”
    The groans from those in front of me (and behind as the queue had grown) were loud.
    I stepped forward and put the £3 on the counter and said Merry Christmas” to the young mother.
    I tell the story, not to highlight me, but to say that there are way too many caught up in their own interests and in such a hurry that they forget the person in need.
    This is true of both those on lower incomes as well as those on high wages.
    We do need desperately to be generous throughout the year. God’s was so gracious to us, why can we not be gracious to others?
    Our job is not to judge others
    Our Job is not to figure out if someone deserves something.
    Our job is to lift the fallen
    Restore the broken
    And heal the hurting.

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