Work, rest, work, rest – is there an end to the vicious circle?

Glad it’s nearly the end of that week?

If you’re anything like me, your Christmas holidays are a dim and distant memory. You already feel tired and are looking to ‘switch off’.  Perhaps you have even booked a holiday for 2016 so you have something to look forward to.

It’s a vicious circle; work, rest, work, rest, work, rest.

You don’t need to look far to see the battles we face between the two.

According to NHS Scotland, people suffering from work-related stress take an average of 27 days off work annually, amounting to approximately 9.8 million days lost each year.  The NHS cites performance and effectiveness being largely dependent on mental health and wellbeing.

We need regular short and long periods of rest to refresh our minds and bodies, and to be reminded that there really is more to life than our jobs.  How quick we are to forget that.

In a city that’s addicted to hard work, it’s a struggle for us to switch off when we rest – whether it’s in the evenings or on holiday.  We’re stressed before we stop by trying to ‘tie everything up’, stressed when we’re on holiday for fear of ‘missing out’ and stressed when we return because there’s ‘so much to do’.  According to an online survey in 2015, 67 per cent of holiday makers are worried about falling behind at work while they’re away.

Is your job really worth spoiling the rest?

A poor work/rest pattern shows how easy it is for work to define us.  Do we check our e-mails on a family holiday because it’s our responsibility, or because we’re worried about how our supervisors perceive us?  If our identity is tied up in work, we’ll never rest.  And I don’t mean sipping cocktails at the side of a beach; I mean real, long-lasting, peaceful rest.

So how do you surrender responsibility, manage competition and work well, all while also being able to rest?

Come and find out at our breakfast launch event of The Business Connection at 7am on the 29th January 2016 at the Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen.

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