How is your mental health?

Jim Grimmer TBC and Claire Moggach Cairns Counselling
Jim Grimmer from The Business Connection and Claire Moggach of Cairns Counselling discussing some of the support publications

Looking after our mental health may not be something we give a lot of thought to.  Yet with 1/5th of all visits to GPs connected to psychological problems and 40% of all work related illness being linked to stress, perhaps we underestimate the importance of increasing our awareness and of how we can help ourselves and others.

  • How do we recognise when we or others are stressed and what does it mean?
  • How does this relate to anxiety and low mood/depression?
  • What can we do to help ourselves and others?

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness week,  on 29th April 2016 we had Claire Moggach of the charity Cairns Counselling come and speak on signs and symptoms of mental health e.g. stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Claire provided some very useful signposting to websites for further help. These are included below:


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