A view from both sides at the top!

Friday 7th October 2016,  saw The Business Connection welcome Ian Marchant, Chairman of Wood Group, an Aberdeen Headquartered global business with in excess of 32,000 staff, to share at our monthly breakfast,  his view from both sides at the top!  Ian, a committed Christian, gave us three tips on leadership synonymous with the 3 point sermon format delivered weekly by Church ministers!

The 3 key themes were:

  • A Leader needs to be clear about the Values and Purpose of the Organisation they lead.
  • Vital the Values are articulated to all staff – need to be easy to remember and live!
  • The Leader needs to make the values personal to them and be consistent in living them
  • The Importance of teamwork
  • No Leader has a complete range of knowledge required – and it’s ok to be 2nd best at everything! It is vital though to be the Team Captain!
  • Teamwork needs to built on trust – it needs to be earned and don’t assume you’ve got it.
  • Set the right Environment – to allow people to flourish
  • The Leader needs to be humble and be willing to make the coffee! Akin to Servant Leadership in a Church environment.
  • A great Leader will leave a legacy to set up a successor to be more successful .
  • The Organisation is more important than the Leader.
  • Be prepared to be challenged.
  • The HIPO is the most dangerous animal in Africa – it’s the same in a large organisation…………Highest Paid Person’s Opinion !!

A massive thank you to Ian for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend our TBC event and  we appreciate all who have given such positive feedback.   We are delighted you gleaned so much from the content and that you enjoyed the hectic networking that took place amongst the large number of people who attended.

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