Practical tips on managing stress

At our September 2016 monthly breakfast we were delighted to welcome Dr Susan Murray of Positive Mind Mechanics who provided an interactive input in managing stress.   A lot of time we hear the importance of getting rid of stress however as Susan highlighted that is practically impossible and it is our attitude to the things that happen in life-our stimulus-response- that can help us manage these events better.   If stress can be acknowledged as a positive factor then it can be better managed.   Susan began her career in nursing and discussed the physiological responses to stress and took the audience through some practical breathing exercises.   For me and for many present, it was the first time for a considerable period of time I had taken time out to concentrate in slowing down!

Susan has offered reduced rates for any member of The Business Connection. She can be contacted via her website at http://www.positivemindmechanicsltd.co.uk

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