Fully charged: The motivated life!

img_0373Our monthly November breakfast saw us welcome back Dr Tharaka Gunarathne.

Since his debut talk at TEDx 2016, Tharaka has been invited to speak at various events across Aberdeen in helping people shift the way they think to gain more freedom in life and increased results.

A graduate from University of Aberdeen Medical School he has been working as a Consultant. With his background in Psychiatry, he has the unique insight into how to leverage your ‘thinking power’ to maximise your personal wellbeing and development, as well as enhance your positive impact on those around you!

Tharaka gave an excellent presentation on tapping, and drawing from your inner motivational core to enable us to live a supercharged life that’s full of energy, joy and great results.  He proposed that being ‘fully charged’ is more within reach than some might think!  Using the analogy of our mobile phones Tharaka showed that charging is not a one off process and highlighted the importance of ‘plugging in’ to something bigger than yourself, perhaps getting alongside people who have experienced what you are after. Together we believe for something bigger!

Having been ‘fully charged’ we can then be motivated.   Motivation then requires goal setting with two key ingredients; 1. Identifying the goal and 2. the measurement of progress.  Several questions were asked in the Q&A session and interestingly Tharaka explained that an extrovert or introvert personality had little influence on motivation as extroverts get their charge from their external environment whereas the introvert from within!

Thanks for the positive feedback received on this event.

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